18 May 2016

Weekend Wanderlust: 48 Hours In Downtown Durham, North Carolina

Are you in hunt of a cool, millennial-driven city that is perfect to explore in a weekend visit? If so, look no further than Durham, North Carolina. 

16 May 2016

That #Melanin Though: A Hashtag That Unifies Black Women

by Meagan Faison
Let’s talks social media, specifically hashtags. I’m not a big fan of hashtags, but every once in awhile there’s a good one that pops up. Without a doubt, my favorite hashtag to take over social media right now is #Melanin. 

15 May 2016

Kamasi Washington Shares His Top Advice For Aspiring Musicians

Kamasi Washington is the ultimate proof that consistent passion will lead to success. Playing music since childhood, the thirty-five year old jazz saxophonist's life has transformed since the 2015 release of his three-hour album, The Epic.